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Years of experience

The owners and our team at VacationMate have been involved within the holiday industry for many years. Starting back in the early 2000’s with just a couple of home owner properties and in the early days even helping the owners with the cleaning, gardening, bookings and helping run their holiday homes. So we have great knowledge in every part of the holiday rental business. Our expertise within the industry makes this a perfect working platform for yourself and VacationMate to be able to work together. Our goal is to make your holiday rental as successful as we can for each and every owner.

Better for Owners, Better for you

With the growing costs to you using other companies such as Owners Direct, Home & Away, who constantly change their pricing advertising policies with increasing commission charges, booking fees and service charges, we understand that home owners are getting fed up with the mounting costs of trying to rent their holidayHome. Eventually you have to either pass these extra charges onto the holiday maker by increasing rental prices or you suffer the loss in your profit, which all comes out of your pocket.

Simple no hidden fee pricing

At VacationMate we have now have made it so simple and cost effective for you with just a low-cost annual fee with no other hidden charges, commissions or booking fees. The holiday client comes direct to you to book their holiday, we will we never charge holiday makers a booking or service fee so you can offer them the best possible price for your holiday home which in turn gets you more booking.

Promotion Policy

Our Policy is to get your holiday home promoted as effectively and quickly as possible and to be seen by millions of holiday makers who are surfing the internet and social media platforms looking for your holiday home. Our email database will also promote your holiday home to carefully selected holiday makers who we mail-shot on a regular basis to get your holiday rental seen. This is just one of our many FREE services to you when you list your holiday rental with VacationMate.